6AM is a lifestyle brand created to outfit those individuals who through hard work and perseverance, become MASTERS OF THEIR OWN DESTINY. These tastemakers are UP EARLY TO GRIND AND GETTING IN LATE because they know the hustle doesn’t stop. These purveyors of cool STAY HUNGRY and stay humble. They know that THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS PAVED WITH MISTAKES THAT WILL LEAD TO GREATNESS. They will lay their heads on luxury and their lives will be high-end, BECAUSE THEY EARNED IT.


6AM is the brainchild of designer Brennan Manuel. 6AM was born from a conflicted design aesthetic that appreciated the higher-end but also wanted to create clothing and accessories that represented the grind. Anyone who is trying to achieve something great is very much involved in the hustle and knows that it never truly ends. These people need honest clothing they can wear everyday, clothing that embodies an understated cool that still allows them to stand out, that lets others know that they work hard for what they want. The vision for the 6AM brand comes from a shadowed, yet thoughtful perspective. It's expressed through nuanced pieces with motivating messages and original, abstract imagery. 


Embrace the hustle. Your struggle is unique. Dislike it for what it is, but love it for what it does.